Friday, 23 August 2019

Epic3K: Airborne Orks vs Dreadnought Marines

Been a while since I played an Epic game, so time to hit the table again. Airborne Orks vs Dreadnought heavy Marines.

I wanted to an airborne list using my three Vanguard Landas, which I haven't done before:


Supa Stompa, 3 Stompa

WARBAND [200] 
2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Warlord

WARBAND [200] 
2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz

WARBAND [200] 
2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz

5 Big Gunz, Oddboy

5 Big Gunz, Oddboy

5 Big Gunz, Oddboy

5 Big Gunz, Oddboy

8 Deth Kopta

LANDA [200] 

LANDA [200] 

LANDA [200] 

4 Fighta Bomba

3 Fighta Bomba

Andrew used his army of CinC minatures for the Iron Hands list:

3000 Iron Hands v.1.2

400 4 Tacticals, Venerable Dreadnought Supreme Commander, 2 Dreadnoughts, Drop Pods
350 4 Tacticals, Sergeant, Venerable Dreadnought, Ironclad Dreadnought, Drop Pods
350 4 Tacticals, Sergeant, Venerable Dreadnought, Ironclad Dreadnought, Drop Pods

350 4 Tacticals, Techmarine, 3 Hellfire Dreadnoughts, Garrison on Foot (1 Rhino?)
275 4 Tacticals, Sergeant, 2 Siege Dreadnoughts, Garrison on Foot
175 4 Scouts, 2 Rhinos, Razorback

425 4 Tacticals, Sergeant, 2 Rhinos, Razorback, 3 Hellfire Dreadnoughts, Hunter
275 4 Whirlwinds

200 Iron Hands Strike Cruiser
200 2 Storm Talons

Here's the battelfield, with a large built up area in the centre and right and some hills and forests off to the left. Marines chose corner deployment and picked top right corner.

A look at the city in more detail.

Marines begin with planetfalling three formations on my blitz objective, and they wipe out the three Gunzmobs here without losing a marine.

My Stompa Mob approaches the town.

And I begin air attacking the defenders of the Marine Blitz.

The first air assault by the Orks breaks the defending infantry and their accompanying firepower based Dreads.

And the second takes out the Marine Whirlwinds. The Marine fighters are also shot down, and the Hunter is destroyed, leaving the Marines without air defence.

End of turn one a humiliating loss to the Dethkoptas, who end up losing 1 Kopta to Marine scout in firefight, and doing no damage in return despite support fire from the Stompa mob! Disastrous combat resolution sees another 4 Koptas disappear!

End of first turn, both sides securely holding each others Blitz objectives!

Lots of Marines around my base...

Lots of Orks around the Marine base...

Turn 2 the Ork air dominance continues with another air assault into the town by a Warband capturing the Take and Hold Objective. 

And the Stompas engage and wreck the Scouts and capture the other Take and Hold Objective. Other Marines fall back through the town avoiding close assault mobs, and are unable to damage the Stompa mob sufficiently with AT fire.

Turn 3 winning the Strategy roll for the second turn in a row for the Orks, the Supastompa sustain fires at the central Marine formation and melts two Dreads and two Marine Squads with its macro guns.

The Marines are heavily out-activated now, and unable to contest their own objectives, while an Ork Landa survives overwatch fire to contest one of the Ork ones.  Victory to Orks 2-1 with Take and Hold and Blitz, to Blitz for Marines.


An interesting game using the Landas, which I haven't used so many of before. They are quite brutal with a warband assaulting from them. Also tough for the Marines where all formations were quite slow and unmaneuverable, they would have benefited with one to two more faster units perhaps, or guarding the Blitz with some close combat Dreads. My Ork list being so infantry heavy other than the Stompas, meant the AT firepower in the Marine units often didn't have good targets too. My Landa's also meant I got the victory easily enough on turn 3 by contesting once I had secured the Marine obejectives.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Seven Years War - Die Kriegskunst 28mm

Something different, with Seven Years War today. A Prussian Division attacks an Austrian Division in a game at Chris Packer's new games room. Fabulous 28mm Front Rank and Crusader figures, all owned by Chris.

Here's the Austrians that I commanded for today's battle. Hussars on my right, and next to them a 6 pounder battery.

Two Brigades of Infantry in the centre, and then Dragoons on the left.

The Prussian left wing with Hussars.

 Then Prussian Fusiliers and Musketeers.

Dragoons, Cuirassiers and Grenadiers can be seen in the distance on the Prussian right, together with a 12 pounder battery.

Time for a quick march by the Prussians towards the Austrian line, and this very quick history lesson from the film Barry Lyndon.

A big cavalry clash develops on the Austrian left.

The Prussians advance relentlessly towards the Austrian centre.

Prussian Hussars disperse after some roundshot and then canister from the Austrian artillery

Prussians take several devastating blasts of musketry as they close and fail to inflict many casualties in return.

Prussian right flank Dragoons rout, and then the Prussian Cuirassiers slowly lose the battle of attrition against two Austrian Dragoon regiments, though not before routing one regiment.

The Prussian attack peters out with most of their army broken or falling back in confusion, while there is a relative paucity of Austrian losses.

Some good dice rolling by myself, can recommend this as a tactic! ;)

A few more pics of the lovely figures!

Prussian Grenadiers help Fusiliers face off against Austrian Hussars on the Prussian left at the end of the game.

And also, Chris' excellent games room, with shelves of storage and great lighting.

Fabulous looking game, many thanks to Chris for the day!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Scythed Chariots and Galatians - 1st Corp

Some more ancients - a couple of scythed chariots and yet more Galatian mercenaries (from naked Celt range). These figures are from 1st Corp, a bit smaller than Aventine and Victrix figures, but will look ok with them on the table still I think.

I ended up cutting down some of the blades on the scythed chariots a bit, as it's a gaming piece and long blades are impractical from that perspective and will just end up breaking. This is another reason I chose 1st Corp, the smaller size of the chariot model in general! There's also a mysterious cow "catcher blade" thing that goes under the cab I think, which I left off due to uncertainty and fact that it won't be seen there anyway.


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Cannon, Cross and Crescent game and houserules

Another Battle of Cannon, Cross and Crescent (available from Wargames Vault), with a few more houserules used.

First off with the activation cards, we used a deck with a card for each squadron (so 3 cards each in this game), and the deck is shuffled and squadrons activate when you draw their card. Also we added two jokers to the deck, one for each side, and when these are drawn you roll to see if your wrecked ships sink (on a 6), and also you move or set fire to any captured ships. Once all cards are drawn we shuffle the deck and start again for the next turn.

Squadrons only arrive on the table on a roll of 3+ when they draw their activation card, rolling to see whether this is left (1-2), centre (3-4), or right (5-6) table third.

We used slightly modified factors for the ships, the main one being gunnery. Heavy guns roll to reload at the start of each squadrons activation provided they are not in contact with enemy. Heavy guns roll to reload on a 6 for Ottomans and 5-6 for Venetians. We also gave Venetians a longer range for their heavy guns - 900 rather than the 600 the Ottomans have.

We didn't include this rule for the game, but in future games we think we will also make light guns only 200p range, and only firing if not in contact (i.e. effect assumed to be subsumed into melee ).

Here's a photo midway through the battle, my Galliots have been sunk or captured by two squadrons of Venetian Galleys on the left, who have only lost one galley in return, and my three Laternas (largest galley class) on my right were damaged early on by Venetian heavy guns. However I've overwhelmed the Venetian squadron on my right with shear number of galleys and boats.

End of game, I've wrecked or captured all of the Venetian Squadron on my right, and captured four more galleys from the Venetian fleet. One of these was lost when it tried to board and capture another captured Venetian ship and ended up being captured itself! This last galley lost in ignoble fashion meant half the Venetian fleet was lost so that was end of game.

Counters we have been using. Grey for heavy guns fired and needing to be reloaded, blue for wrecked (and chance to sink), brown for ship damaged, and black for crew casualties. Two black for captured.  My three Laternas spent most of the game unsuccessfully trying to repair so ended up taking no part in the action!

Houserules seem to work well for us, and reduce the predictability of when you will be able to activate your squadrons and fire heavy guns!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Kings of War - Herd vs Orcs & Undead

A game of Kings of War using my Herd vs Nick's Greenskin and Undead combo. 
Loot scenario  - three loot tokens (green circles), whoever has the most at the end of the game wins!

I go first and advance the Herd! Grabbing Loot tokens, one on the right (in forest) is easier to guard for me.  

But this one on the left and the centre one will be tougher.

Lines meeting...
My Longhorn regiment in the middle ends up smashed by the Orc Horde, which turns to flank my Tribal Warrior Horde.

My Tribal Warriors don't have the power to smash through the Skeletons in time before they are flanked, and the Mummies with regenerate and life leech smash away at my other Longhorn regiment.

But my Harpies have the loot tokens and are dragging them back towards me... as my front line disintegrates!

Normally Harpies can fly up to 20", but while dragging the loot tokens they only move 5". Will they get away?! Gobbos in hot pursuit!

 I fly in my Chimera to slow try and give my chariots a chance...

But not enough damage done, and the Orc Horde kills the Chimera, and the other units my chariots.  Only the Harpies left here, who decide to drop their Loot token...

...and charge the rear of the Gobbos who are pursuing my other Harpies!

The Gobbos are wounded but get away and charge my Shaman, if they kill him they will be able to stop my other Harpies.

But my Shaman holds...

And in his turn gets lucky smashing the wounded Gobbos and dispersing them!

The game ends turn six. Despite most of my army being destroyed while only knocking out two enemy units in return, I have two of the three loot tokens and so win the game! The loot must have been as valuable as the one true ring or something!

A fun game with close result. One more turn or better roll against my Shaman it would have been game over for the Herd. Also reminded me what an elegant system Kings of War is, must play some more games of it.