Wednesday 25 February 2015


An addition to my Epic Chaos army. In 2004 when Epic Armageddon was published, the Chaos list included something called the "Deathwheel", the central feature of which was a big spiky wheel, with guns. Games Workshop never made the models in the end, but many fans did. This is a variant that has been produced within the last year and is also on sale via e-bay.  Kind of like an angry tricyle, spikey steamroller halftrack.

They are available here as resin models and casting quality is very good!

For size comparison, here is an Epic Chaos Marine infantry stand and a rhino.

Monday 2 February 2015

BFG 1000: Craftworld Eldar (Kraytonian) vs Chaos

Another BFG game, this time vs Jesse's Chaos.

My Kraytonian Fleet (counting as Craftworld Eldar due to the 'sails') was:

  • Void Dragon Flagship with Admiral
  • Wraithship with Pulsar and Launch Bays
  • Wraithship with Pulsar and Launch Bays
  • 3 Shadowhunters
  • 3 Shadowhunters

Jesse's Chaos fleet was:

  • Carnage Cruiser with Admiral
  • Carnage Cruiser
  • Carnage Cruiser
  • Desolation Carrier
  • Desolation Carrier

Scenario was Fleet Engagement. Sun is to the right. Only terrain is two gas clouds in upper right quadrant.

Chaos turn to starboard and send out a fighter screen. My Kraytonians race to flank the Chaos line, making use of the sun behind them. 

Chaos move to lock on orders, opening fire at long range.

My two Wraithships brace for impact, and their shields absorb the few hits the Chaos score at this range and attack vector. Chaos fighters move to escort the Warships.

Kraytonians sweep in to deliver a big hit, and both Devastation Carriers and a Carnage brace for impact, but still taking a few points of damage despite this.

Kraytonian Bombers attack. A Devastation is crippled.

Chaos are still braced so return fire is not so effective.

One of my Wraithships is slightly damaged.

Kraytonians close and deliver more punishment.

First Chaos cruiser is destroyed, remaining ships pull around to fire broadsides, crippling a Wraithship, and destroying two Shadowhunters.

The crippled Wraithship disengages, and more fire is directed against the Chaos, gradually wearing them down. Another Cruiser is crippled.

Chaos brace for impact again.

Kraytonians are taking cover behind a gas cloud, but the Void Dragon braces for impact as all fire is directed at it. Only takes a point of damage with shields absorbing rest. One of the Devastations is on fire with a single damage point remaining, but manages to put out the fire.

Kraytonians pounce again destroying the crippled Devastation, and forcing the Chaos Admiral's Carnage to brace for impact.

Chaos fire again at the Void Dragon, but don't cause any damage.

Another Chaos ship finished off and the the remaining two disengage.

Victory at last for the Kraytonians! Glorius!