Saturday 24 October 2020

Kings of War and 9th Age: Beast Herds vs Nature/Sylvan

I played a Kings of War game and then a 9th Age game today. Using same armies across both systems. Beast Herd for Mike, and Nature/Sylvan for me.
We used very similar army lists in both games. Most units seemed to function in a similar way, except that Thicket Beasts/Forest Shamblers seem considerably tougher in 9th compared to Kings of War!
KOW took 1.5 hours, 9th age 3 hours.
Both had clear victor turn 4. Commentary for both games in captions for photos.

Kings of War

Kings of War for first game. Invade Scenario. My Eagles swing around both flanks, one dies to Harpies and flank charge, other kills off wounded Trappers (Mongrels).

Minotaurs and Hero smash through Earth Elementals in single round. Lord is then flanked by Shamblers but saved by other Minotaurs which charge the flank of the Shamblers and kill them. Treemen kill off a Longhorn unit.

Minotaurs take pounding from Greater Earth Elemental but don't care because of Fury and smash him back. Other Longhorns and Beast Chieftan with Beast Slayer Sword cut down a Treeherder. Tribal Warriors gang up and kill my Hunters of Wild (Dryads).

Treeherder kills Minotaurs, other Minotaurs and Warriors kill Greater Earth Elemental...

Unpleasant. A Treeherder left for Nature, plus Eagle and two Druids about to be eaten. Herd have lost only a Longhorn and Minotaur unit. Win called for Herd turn 4.

9th Age

9th Age game. King of the Hill Scenario. 

Sylvan (Nature) standing back this time to blast off some minotaurs with spells!

Thicket Beasts (KOW Forest Shamblers) are powerful in 9th and take down an entire Warrior Herd over 3 turns!

Herd Longhorn Ambush comes on, but Minotaurs are hanging back for some reason so I smash the Ambush then turn around to face Minotaurs again.

Minotaurs flanked and routed but manage to run away.

But Herd units in centre all broken or about to be. Sylvan (Nature) have only lost half a Dryad unit and a Thicket Beast, plus a few wounds on Treeherders and a Druid. Game called for Sylvan turn 4.