Thursday, 28 April 2016

Vanguard Skinnerz Crushers!

Latest Vanguard Skinners on the table!  These are my Crushers which I will use as Supa Stompas with my orcs. Great models, and in my opinion a much better model in this role than the old Games Workshop versions I had used until now. They look like they could actually move for a start!

Also interestingly (to me anyway) if I recall correctly my suggestion of "Crusher" was what Ben went with when he was trying to think of a name for these.

Rear view.

Close up!

Here's one compared to the old Supa-Stompas or Mekboy Gargants from Epic Space Marine (left), Epic Armageddon (middle) and of course the Skinnerz Crusher (right). The first two are rather heavily converted, with the middle one given one of the mean looking buzz saw arms which was spare from the Skinners Crushers - instead of the silly hammer it came with.

And rear view with order reversed.


  1. They look fantastic. I've always loved your red/black/brass scheme.

    These Crushers look mean as, compared to the GW ones. But then again, GW Orks were always little more than cartoons!

    1. Cheers Nick, and yes much meaner looking! :)

  2. These are really inspiring, great to see them painted!