Friday 17 February 2017

BBDBA - Successor Battle

Big Battle DBA between Successor armies, with Nick and Dave visiting a few weeks ago. Only just got around to posting some pics.

Game 1

First game between Nick and Dave, which came down to a cavalry battle with the Phalanx sitting back and watching... Dave in the back, Nick in front.

Early on Dave's general smashes his way through the enemy line in advance of his friends, and heading straight for an elephant...

Elephants get into Dave's cavalry which in't so great for the cavalry.

Dave's general is fighting head to head with an elephant with an enemy to each flank. Possibly the worst possible position for him... with his death and further elephant induced casualties against the cavalry the game is lost.

Game 2

Game 2 I take the force Dave used against Nick. I weight the left wing heavily, leaving almost nothing on the right... 'refused flank' is the plan.

The Phalanxes of each side advance on each other, and Nick moves his elephants to counter my left wing.

Phalanxes hit, as do the cavalry on my left.

Nicks phalanx starts to prevail over mine due to some lucky combats, and he wacks into my exposed right flank too. I start moving over some Peltasts and Lancers to try and offer some help.

On the left my superior numbers of cavalry are winning the day, and Nick's elephants haven't arrived yet.

My shaky right flank.

Combat on the left where I have my light horse in two ranks.

My Phalanx is losing in the centre and right, and winning on the left.

Elephants hit my cavalry, but on a 6-1 result one of my knights manages to kill an elephant!

My centre/right collapses and routs, as does Nick's right flank.

It becomes a battle to see who can exploit the breakthrough first.

Both armies just an element or two off breaking.

But my knights prevail (just!)


  1. They were great games Mark! Thanks for the hospitality...and the use of your georgous figures!

  2. What Nick said! That is an awesome painting effort - not sure what I was thinking in game 1, or even if I was??? :)

    1. Cheers Dave, the important thing is just to show up try something! :)