Tuesday, 14 November 2017

BFG 1500: Craftworld Eldar vs Tau Escalating Engagement

An Escalating Engagement scenario for this next BFG game, which meant our squadrons would be arriving randomly to the fight!  We both start off with a group on board, which for the Tau was a Carrier and three Escorts, and for my Eldar the Void Dragon. Due to their speed advantage my Eldar are more likely to arrive (needing 3+ for each squadron, compared to 5+ for the Tau).

I close quickly on the carrier forcing it to brace for impact, damaging it, and delaying the launch of more ordnance. My Void Dragon takes two points of damage as the Tau respond.

My first Wraithship Squadron arrives and shoots down some Mantas that were trying to signal to the Tau reinforcements. (would have added +2 to their arrival chance roll).

My Void Dragon cripples the Carrier.

The Carrier disengages and more Tau Escorts arrive.

My Void Dragon and Wraithships advance on the Tau Escorts.

And blast half of them to pieces.

The Tau Escorts disengage to save themselves, as two more Tau carriers arrive.

The Eldar successfully disengage!

The Tau bombers arrive too late!

Victory points are 157.5 to the Eldar and 150 to the Tau! Eldar win by 7.5 points.


A fairly miserable victory admittedly, but still technically a victory! Taking advantage of the opportunity the Eldar ganged up on a Carrier group and its Escorts doing as much damage as possible and then disengaging.  A victory of 7.5 points out of 1500 is not something to be particularly admired - will need to achieve a more decisive victory than this in another game. Also I was lucky to have not taken a smidgen more damage with aggressive use of the Void Dragon early on, one more point of damage would have put the Tau clearly into the lead!

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