Thursday, 25 April 2019

Kings of War - Herd vs Orcs & Undead

A game of Kings of War using my Herd vs Nick's Greenskin and Undead combo. 
Loot scenario  - three loot tokens (green circles), whoever has the most at the end of the game wins!

I go first and advance the Herd! Grabbing Loot tokens, one on the right (in forest) is easier to guard for me.  

But this one on the left and the centre one will be tougher.

Lines meeting...
My Longhorn regiment in the middle ends up smashed by the Orc Horde, which turns to flank my Tribal Warrior Horde.

My Tribal Warriors don't have the power to smash through the Skeletons in time before they are flanked, and the Mummies with regenerate and life leech smash away at my other Longhorn regiment.

But my Harpies have the loot tokens and are dragging them back towards me... as my front line disintegrates!

Normally Harpies can fly up to 20", but while dragging the loot tokens they only move 5". Will they get away?! Gobbos in hot pursuit!

 I fly in my Chimera to slow try and give my chariots a chance...

But not enough damage done, and the Orc Horde kills the Chimera, and the other units my chariots.  Only the Harpies left here, who decide to drop their Loot token...

...and charge the rear of the Gobbos who are pursuing my other Harpies!

The Gobbos are wounded but get away and charge my Shaman, if they kill him they will be able to stop my other Harpies.

But my Shaman holds...

And in his turn gets lucky smashing the wounded Gobbos and dispersing them!

The game ends turn six. Despite most of my army being destroyed while only knocking out two enemy units in return, I have two of the three loot tokens and so win the game! The loot must have been as valuable as the one true ring or something!

A fun game with close result. One more turn or better roll against my Shaman it would have been game over for the Herd. Also reminded me what an elegant system Kings of War is, must play some more games of it.


  1. Cheers for the report, nice work playing the scenario! Harpies doing the heavy lifting as ever.