Sunday, 20 October 2019

6mm Cold War East Germans - DDR

Newly finished and in their storage already - 6mm Cold War East Germans. All on magnetised bases hence the adherence to the sides of the container! One of my mates has thousands of moderns, so thought I'd add a small force to play Team Yankee or other rule system with him, plus it seems there are a few other locals who play this too. Very quick and easy to paint compared to every other wargame I play!

In picture below there are Hind Helicopters, Su25 Frogfoot Bombers, T72M1 Tanks, BMP1's and BMP2's, 2S1 Carnation Artillery, Shilka AA.  I went with the plain Vallejo Refractive Green scheme for the land vehicles, with some strong buff drybrushing to bring out the detail from a distance.

Hinds, T-72's, and 2S1's are GHQ. Frogfoots and BMP1's are Scotia Grendel. Rest (including infantry) are Heroics and Ross.

And on the lid, a heap of infantry. Rifle Teams, RPG7's and MG's.

And some later additions. Forty T55-AM2's.

I don't really play anything historical after the Napoleonic era, so these things are basically sci-fi and incredible to me!  Like the BMP1 - a vehicle that can travel at 65km/hr, with anti-infantry, anti-tank, missile, carrying a squad, hostile environment protection, can go over all terrain and swim across a river... amazing!

Here's some reference pics I used. Some nice pics of the BMP inside and outside can be found here.

The mighty T72.

Shilka AA.



Infantry with BMP2.

Infantry showing distinctive East German helmet. The helmet was normally covered with the same green/brown uniform I believe, but I gave them grey helmets to make them stand out on the table as East German a bit more.

Here's the sad state of these vehicles now - in the graveyard. Though from everyone's perspective thank goodness the Cold War ended up like this rather than in WWIII!

And the DDR Anthem. Socialists seem to come up with the best anthems!