Sunday, 4 April 2021

ADLG Battlereport: Seleucid vs Roman & Jewish

Making the most of holidays, an ADLG game today. Just the normal 200 points rather than 300. I used my Seleucids against Matt's Romans with Hasmonean Jewish ally. Here's brief report with photos.

My Seleucid force was once of those overly complex Selecucid assemblages of elephants, camels, scythed chariots, pike, cavalry, and lights. The Roman force was a more sensible one of two blocks of heavy infantry with a few supporting lights.

My camels, lancers and light horse press the Roman flank, while the scythed chariots mill unhelpfully around in the rear unable to get into action. The Romans advance their centre and other flank to oppose.

The Jewish light infantry gets ready to shoot up the Javelinmen protecting my Elephants.

The lines clash, elite Legionnaires facing the Pike. On the left my heavy cavaly defeats the first of two enemy cavalry, while the Numidians are forced back. My rightmost Elephant swings out to try and chase off the Jewish General.

Pike vs Legionnaires. A disastrous start as I throw three ones in a row for combats here...

Holes open in the Phalanx under the assault of the Legionnaries. My Army Commander leading the pike on my left defeats the Auxiliaries in front of him, but just to his left the Roman Cavalry General manages to defeat my Lancers.  On my right, despite being mounted the Jewish General manages to defeat my right most Elephant which has been weakened by slingers.

The Roman General swings into the flank of the Pike Block with my included General and breaks it. 

And on the other flank the Jews are successfully stampeding my elephants. Half my Pike are dead including my Army commander and with all the attrition already taken on other elements, my army breaks. Game over! Selecuids have reached their break point of 20, while the Romans have lost only 9/22 attrition.

So a defeat, but was pleased I got to use my camels (medium camels bow mediocre) for the first time in any real action, and they were quite helpful against the enemy horse. Poor tactics with my Scythed chariots who should have charged into something heavy on the chance of causing some disorder (not a great chance against Romans but better than nothing!).


  1. Beautiful troops and handsome looking game! Elephants, chariots, and pikemen against the might of Rome. What more can one ask?

  2. 3 ones... super unlucky... grewt write up

  3. arf a mo, why there is punic cavalry mixed with the romans?

    1. Being the Hasmonean Jewish ally. I'm not sure anyone makes Jewish figures in 28mm, but in reality they would overlap a lot in appearance with other Hellenistic/Classical era figures. Duncan Head's Armies of Macedonian and Punic Wars has a few pics of Maccabees and they look close to these.

  4. Very colorful! Not such good luck with the results, but most of us haven't played an in person game for a LONG time!

    1. Ha yes we are very fortunate here in NZ, thanks Peter!