Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Skinnerz (Orks) from Troublemaker!

I took part in the most recent kickstarter number 3 from Troublemaker Games, and they arrived today - yay! These new models are available, or will be available shortly, from the Skinnerz shop at Steel Crown or from Troublemaker Games. Made by Ben Skinner from the UK, these are now the best and growing range if you're wanting an Ork Epic army these days... or as they might say "We're da Skinnerz made by Skinner!" They are superior to the old Specialist Games models in my opinion.

I got a bunch of the Modular Flatbeds (Truks!) and some of the awesome Tramplers. Flatbeds come with 4 top halves and 4 bottom halves so you can make up to 16 different combinations. Pics to follow once I get them assembled and painted! I also have some of the Beast Super Heavy Transports, Flame Vectors and Droghur Shuttles from the two earlier kickstarters.


  1. Sweet yours have arrived...still waiting on my wave 3 mini's. I bought the "not rough riders" and the "not Def Kopters"...

    1. Yeah nice to have these new models! Yours will be along shortly no doubt.