Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Troublemaker Skinnerz in process...

Getting my new Troublemaker Games Skinnerz ready for painting!

Love these models, very little in way of clean up, the models are super clean.

Flatbeds, Shuttles, Crushas, Beasts, Tanks, Tramplers, and Flame Vectors.


  1. Cool. Like the shuttles. So...the big walkers are Gargants, the little ones Stompers? And those armoured transports in the middle - Battle Wagons? (The transport variant of the Battle Fortresses?)

    Above all...more Orks? Really?! :-)

    1. Walkers I'll use as Supa Stompas and Stompas. Big transports in the middle battlefortresses (gun version is called gunfortress). Little vehicles in middle in front battlewagons. The battlewagons were actually sold as tanks but I put their turrets on the Battlefortresses and took the hatch from the battlefortress and put that on the tanks to make them battlewagons.