Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Epic 4K: Black Legion vs Biel-Tan

Second game in a day, using the same Chaos list as in the previous battle. Tim brought his Eldar using a Biel Tan list, trying out the Howling Banshees with their new infiltrate rules.

Here's Tim's Eldar list:

Vampire (with Guardians)
Banshees in Wave Serpents with Autarch and Exarch
Shining Spears with Exarchs
Jetbikes with 1 Viper
Storm Serpent
Storm Serpent
Guardians with Weapon Platform
Guardians with Weapon Platform
Falcons with Firestorms
Falcons with Firestorms

And as I said my Chaos was same as in the previous game.

Turn 1

I opted for a similar deployment to the last game, but weighted more towards the centre this time. I figured I'd need to get to the centre of the table to threaten the Eldar, even if they might benefit more from the buildings than I at least I would be able to get after them.

Eldar line up.

My line up.

I advance infantry into the town and take out the first Eldar Ranger formation.

My first Decimator is almost killed by an Orbital Strike by the Dragon Ship. Then the second Decimator is destroyed by a critical in a Firefight by the Eldar Jetbikes!

Revenants almost destroy a Deathwheel but it manages to survive repeated blasts as other Eldar units try to finish it off.

My Defilers take revenge on the Jetbikes leaving only the Viper remaining, which is hunted down by more Defilers later in the turn.

But Shining Spears engage my Defilers. I lose two Defilers and the combat, but kill three Shining Spears.

Unable to resist the temptation I shoot an overwatch garrison Retinue at a Storm Serpent coming forward to bait me. The Howling Banshees then swoop in and destroy my Deathwheel and leave before I can do anything about it using a First Strike Hit and Run attack.

End of turn and my infantry has advanced to the city.

Looking down the table from the short edge.

Turn 2

I win Strategy roll, and advance and concentrate fire on the Falcons hiding at the back of the board which had been hit and running me. Their shooting is suppressed.

View from the Eldar side of the table showing precarious position of Shining Spears...

Vampire kills a couple of Defilers breaking formation.

Eldar setup a supported engage action and wipe out a Retinue on my right flank.

I wipe out the Shining Spears with a Deathwheel, with support from Retinues in the centre.

Storm Serpent advances and breaks another Defiler formation.

But I push onwards towards the Eldar Blitz objective.

End of turn all my formations rally, but the Eldar are in trouble from losses.

Turn 3

I take out the remaining Falcons, and consolidate on the Eldar objectives.

But Eldar set up a big engage action on my intermingled Retinues in the city.

We made a slight mistake with infiltrate rule here (you don't get infiltrate if debussing from transports), and Howling Banshees with support firefight and break my two retinues. Wiping one Retinue out and severely damaging the other. 

But that's ok, because all I have to do to win the game is win a firefight between my Deathwheel with four Defilers in support vs a Storm Serpent intermingled with broken Rangers. I'm starting at +3 to combat resolution and I've got shields and better armour and great support fire. 

Except that my Deathwheel rolls a 1 for its difficult terrain test , then a 6 for the critical, and blows up! It veers into a Defiler and while the Defiler survives it is small comfort! Curses, so close!

End of turn...

Turn 4

Eldar win Strategy Roll, and take the opportunity to smash my remaining effective units. Revenants jog over and nuke my Defilers.

And I end up out of activations very quickly. I decide to hold my blitz at least. Eldar win with Defend the Flag and They Shall Not Pass Victory Conditions, 2-0, (possibly also Take and Hold, can't remember).


Tim ended up on the back foot for most of this game, losing units at a great rate and great rallying from me. And then everything turned to disaster for the Chaos when the Deathwheel blew up at the end of turn 3. The difference between a crushing victory and a crushing defeat is sometimes pretty slim! Great game though.


  1. Another great game Mark. Such pretty toys on both sides!

  2. Another great game Mark. Such pretty toys on both sides!

  3. Looks like a great game was had. Interesting playing at 4K, haven't gone above 3K myself.

  4. Looks like a great game was had. Interesting playing at 4K, haven't gone above 3K myself.