Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Cannon, Cross and Crescent - Renaissance Naval

Something a bit different, some Renaissance naval combat tonight.

Andrew has made many beautiful models of Renaissance era galleys, lasercut for the most part, and with pretty painting, banners, rigging etc.

We lined up a Turkish vs Venetian fleet.

We played using this fast play set of rules, which produce a very fast game. They have some loosely DBX inspired mechanics.

In addition to some limited but still useful gunnery, boarding is the main way of disabling enemy ships.

Victory to the Turks in this game, with the Venetians being somewhat outmatched. Incredibly brutal with masses of wrecked and tangled ships everywhere blocking movement and fire, which seems pretty historical. We will give the rules a try again next week.


  1. Very nice! Are these Skull and Crown lasercut models, or something else? Hard to twell the scale without any figures. Still on my "to do list" is to try Galleons and Galleys with my 15mm Renaissance ships. At the individual ship level, combat in this era is interesting because there is cannon fire, small arms fire, boarding, and even some ramming and oar shearing!

  2. Models are around 1:600 scale. About half the size of Skull and Crown.
    "Home made" laser cut mostly birch ply, 1.5 and 0.8 mm thick. Then some
    flags and so forth printed up on a laser printer with some touch up paint.

  3. Looks exciting, and ships are great!
    It is a really interesting theme for me, I'm looking forward to seeing new posts and details.

  4. Beautiful looking game. I've had the rules for a while but never played them. Your post inspired me to order some 1/2400 scale fleets and break out the rules!