Saturday, 15 June 2019

Scythed Chariots and Galatians - 1st Corp

Some more ancients - a couple of scythed chariots and yet more Galatian mercenaries (from naked Celt range). These figures are from 1st Corp, a bit smaller than Aventine and Victrix figures, but will look ok with them on the table still I think.

I ended up cutting down some of the blades on the scythed chariots a bit, as it's a gaming piece and long blades are impractical from that perspective and will just end up breaking. This is another reason I chose 1st Corp, the smaller size of the chariot model in general! There's also a mysterious cow "catcher blade" thing that goes under the cab I think, which I left off due to uncertainty and fact that it won't be seen there anyway.



  1. Nice "Lawn Mowers", and Galatians using their white shields like dinner plates a la "The Full Monty"! :-)

    1. Yes cheers Peter, went with simple white shielded Galatian mercenary look for these :)

  2. Nicely looking units! Chariots are never fitting bases :(