Sunday, 16 June 2019

Seven Years War - Die Kriegskunst 28mm

Something different, with Seven Years War today. A Prussian Division attacks an Austrian Division in a game at Chris Packer's new games room. Fabulous 28mm Front Rank and Crusader figures, all owned by Chris.

Here's the Austrians that I commanded for today's battle. Hussars on my right, and next to them a 6 pounder battery.

Two Brigades of Infantry in the centre, and then Dragoons on the left.

The Prussian left wing with Hussars.

 Then Prussian Fusiliers and Musketeers.

Dragoons, Cuirassiers and Grenadiers can be seen in the distance on the Prussian right, together with a 12 pounder battery.

Time for a quick march by the Prussians towards the Austrian line, and this very quick history lesson from the film Barry Lyndon.

A big cavalry clash develops on the Austrian left.

The Prussians advance relentlessly towards the Austrian centre.

Prussian Hussars disperse after some roundshot and then canister from the Austrian artillery

Prussians take several devastating blasts of musketry as they close and fail to inflict many casualties in return.

Prussian right flank Dragoons rout, and then the Prussian Cuirassiers slowly lose the battle of attrition against two Austrian Dragoon regiments, though not before routing one regiment.

The Prussian attack peters out with most of their army broken or falling back in confusion, while there is a relative paucity of Austrian losses.

Some good dice rolling by myself, can recommend this as a tactic! ;)

A few more pics of the lovely figures!

Prussian Grenadiers help Fusiliers face off against Austrian Hussars on the Prussian left at the end of the game.

And also, Chris' excellent games room, with shelves of storage and great lighting.

Fabulous looking game, many thanks to Chris for the day!


  1. Outstanding photos, figures, terrain and report! Most enjoyable to view. Thanks for sharing the link on TMP.

    P.S. Is that one long mat? I have been looking for one about 12 to 18 ft or more. How did you come by this one?

    1. Hi thanks yes Chris has done a good job. I believe Chris said he has 3 mats each 7x5 feet, not sure of manufacturer, have sent him e-mail asking cheers.

    2. This is the manufacturer.

  2. Nice to see others playing 7YW. I agree it looked spectacular!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Peter, yes SYW is a very colourful!

  4. stunning looking figures/units the whole table top game looks awesome!

  5. Awesome game and pictures. Really nice table cover it looks like a fur.

    1. Cheers Dmitry, yes green/brown teddy bear fur I think!