Friday, 6 January 2017

Macedonian Reinforcements

I've added another 90 infantry and 30 cavalry to my Macedonians since my last post on them, so thought I had better update the photos!

A dozen new Greek Light Cavalry. Plus two more elements of Lancers added to those behind. Aventine Miniatures.

New Greek Medium Cavalry. Aventine again.

New Peltasts, close order in front. Victrix Miniatures.

Close up view of some of the Peltasts again, showing off the Little Big Men shield transfers.

Looser order behind.

Phalanx. Victrix.

And new Agyraspids. Victrix.

More Phalanx.

Another look at the elephants again. From Aventine.

And the previously painted Lancers. Aventine.

Javenlinmen. Victrix.

Slingers. Victrix.

A top down view.

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Beautiful work, very vibrant!

  2. They look fantastic and were a real pleasure to have a game with - couldn't stop staring at them... which is why I lost, they were just too distracting! :)

  3. Lovely stuff Mark, and inspiring as I have my own horde of Macedonians to paint this year!

    1. Thanks Peter, and good luck with your own!