Monday, 2 January 2017

9th Age Triumph and Treachery Game Pics

Myself, Mike and Alan had a go at 9th Age with Triumph and Treachery rules the other day. I.e. usable for 3 player game, all against all, with cards and special rules making that work somehow.

Here's a few pics. Damon set up a table for us with his nice icy wastes scenery, thanks Damon!

Alan's Empire.

My Beastmen.

Mike's Chaos.


Forgot to take more pics than that, but Mike eventually won, after killing off my chariots and an unfortunate overrun by Alan's Greatswords where they were knocked off some Marauders but were then flanked by Chaos Warriors.

Triumph and Treachery rules seem to work fine with 9th Age. Wonder if they will be updated/provided for by the 9th Age crew?

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