Saturday, 18 January 2014

Daemonscape 6mm SciFi Buildings

I have a lot of 6mm Sci Fi stuff that I'm currently trying to sort through and I figured it was a good opportunity to take some photos as I do so.  Here's a collection of the Sci-Fi Buildings that was originally made by Ground Zero Games, but are now sold here by Daemonscape Games. I see the new manufacturer also make a great looking trenchline and fortifications too. I've included a Rhino APC in the photos for scale comparison. 

Here's a set of City Block buildings.

They are modular so you can assemble them in different ways.

They also make quite a few different warehouses, storage tanks, generators and so on, including the following.

And a picture of them altogether.


  1. They look fantastic, I am so jealous when I look at the work needed to try and match that consistency in 28mm, keep up the great work.

  2. Cheers Raptoruk, yes 6mm is great for quick painting! Glad you like them and good luck with your own stuff!

  3. They look great. Very fight-over-worthy!