Thursday, 9 January 2014

The "Invite to Terminate" Event

Last year I was invited by Paul of the Hobby Brush Blog to participate in the "Invite to Terminate" event, together with several other painters from around the world. We each had 1 hour to paint a 6mm Terminator as well as we could in that time. Paul sent this little guy all the way from England to New Zealand, and then I painted it and sent it back again - possibly the most expensive postage charge to contents ratio ever!

Looking at his closeup photos I see many things I could have done better, but oh well participation is the important thing! See the Hobby Brush Invite to Terminate Gallery for many more examples of 6mm Terminator painting!

Here's a few of the other paintjobs, check them and the rest of the entries out at the Hobby Brush Invite to Terminate Gallery.


  1. Well looks ok maybe, but I wouldn't say fantastic! Thanks though!

    1. Don't be so heard on yourself. The ability to paint insignia of that quality on something so small is nothing to be sneezed at!