Friday, 15 January 2021

Dwarves Part 1 - making a start...

I picked up this KOW army set, first project of 2021 is to get these done :)  Countercharge FB group is having a six week painting event, so aiming to get 1500 points, or most of these done by mid February.

Contents of the box...

These are the sprue types. Nice easy assemble models with not too many parts. Plus a Metal Dwarf Warsmith and Sharpshooters kit. 

Total in box from left to right:
Top row: 15 x Ironwatch sprue, 5 x Shieldbreaker sprue, 4 x artillery crew spure, 3 x artillery sprue.
Bottom row: 9 x Ironclad sprue, 5 x command sprue, 1 x Sharpshooter kit, 1 x Warsmith kit.

Organised a bit better! Bases for everything too, not that I will be using many of them, going for multibases as below.

 A couple of resin characters. Flame Priest and Packmaster.

Time to make a start on the sprues!

Going together... drilling barrels out, and magnetising artillery so I can switch them between cannon and organ guns.

3mm drillbit and 3mm x 1mm magnets does the job for magnetising. I stuck a bit of plasticard on the carriage for the magnet to go in but this was unnecessary, could have glued them straight on the carriage and this would be fine.

Throwing Mastiffs based up, you get one of these per Ironclad sprue.

Playing around with conversion on Herneas the ranger... giving him a larger weapon.

As voted for by local group and Dwarfs of Mantica FB group, an axe it is!

Checking some fit on the bases. 

Bases from Battlekiwi Kings of War Bases Range.

Ok that's all for now! Will update when some more significant progress has been done. :)