Friday, 15 January 2021

6mm Cold War West Germans

 A Cold War West German force painted up a couple of months ago.

Vehicles are all GHQ, except for the Tornadoes which are Scotia Grendel. Infantry is all Heroics and Ros.

The challenging bit with West Germans is the NATO tri-colour camoflage, which was the exact same pattern for each vehicle of a type. I've made an attempt at this here, which is good enough for me at this scale.

Leopard 2's, and Luchs. 

Bo 105 Choppers.  M113's and mortar carriers.


Fitstful of Tows rules, also used is Team Yankee.

In back row, Gepards, Roland AA, and M109's.


Different light setting showing grey colour. Need to adjust my light bulbs I think!

And some later reinforcements. Leopard 1's, Fuch APC's, and some more mortar carriers and choppers.

Also check out my East Germans.


  1. My goodness, that is quite a force! Loads of maintenance needed for all that equipment.