Saturday, 16 January 2021

Dwarves Part 4 - painting completed

Well that was quicker than I thought! 10 days and painting is finished. Just over 100 figures is 1500 points of Dwarves painted. Mantic Dwarves are quick to build, and quick to paint with scheme chosen here.

Here are all the Ironclads. Doing the shield heraldry was the most time consuming bit. As mentioned in last post it is my Free Dwarf heraldry of a stylised moutain, using their favoured colours of blue, green and white. As to how it was painted just practise and touch ups of any mistakes...

Below: Rangers top left, Shieldbreakers and Characters in foreground, Ironclad in background.

And an overview, war machines top right.

I've got a few X-bow models left to make more Rangers, but otherwise I've run out of Dwarves! I need to order another box of Shieldbreakers (at least), plus a Stone Priest, and likely the Brocks Berserkers to bring this up to 2K without use of Earth Elementals. But with Earth Elementals (and the Stone Priest) this is already 2K. I also have some Mastiffs coming (this pack from Warlord).

Next step, the basing, which for any figures adds hugely to the appearance even with simple techniques.

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  1. Good gracious, that was FAST, Mark! They look good, too!

    1. Ha yes Napoleonics painting helping again ;) Cheers Peter.