Friday 27 December 2013

BFG 1500: Craftworld Eldar (Kraytonian) vs Tyranid

Game two, I got out my Dark Realm miniatures Kraytonians, versus Jesse's old school Games Workshop Space Fleet era Tyranids. With all the big vanes/sales on the Kraytonians I use them as Craftworld Eldar in BFG.  I sold Jesse the Tyranids about a year ago and he and another local painter did great job painting them. Once again we used the BRG revised rules.

My Craftworld list was:
  • 1 Void Dragon with Commander and reroll
  • 2 Wraithships with Pulsars and Keel Torpedoes
  • 2 Wraithships with Weapon Batteries and Keel Torpedoes
  • 3 Shadowhunters with Phantom Lances
  • 3 Shadowhunters with Phantom Lances

Jesse's Tyranid list was:
  • 3 Scylla Hive Ships each with Synapse Node and 2 extra damage points.
  • Lots of Drones (nasty little bug ships) and Kraken (nasty bigger bug ships) of various types.
Jesse's full sized Hive Ships are still being painted, so he took just three of the baby ones in this game. They are still tough but have lower leadership for the vital command checks.

Here's the start of the game, my table edge is the sunward edge so I have the solar wind in my favour (Eldar move using the solar wind like sailing ships using the wind in other naval games). The Tyranids move first and advance on all ahead full in a big swarm. A few of them end up close enough to fire on my Pulsar armed Wraithships on the left. They open fire, damaging one of the Wraithships, wrecking its mast (so it can't turn until repaired!), and  starting a fire. In the end phase I manage to put out the fire. 

In my turn I move aiming to get around the flank and rear of the swarm.

My Wraithship squadron with the damaged mast  (far left in below photo) flies all ahead full to get out of the way of the Tyranid fleet.  My Void Dragon also steers clear, and launches its 4 bombers.  

The other Wraithship squadron and Shadowhunters attack the flanks of the swarm.

I destroy some bug ships on the right flank of the swarm, while my Shadowhunters on the left fire ineffectively at the Hive ships (the 3 triangular shaped ships to the rear). My bombers advance to intercept any ships that turn towards my ships in the bug turn.

 The Tyranids manage to turn some of their fleet, while others blunder around instinctively.

Tyranid fire kills a Shadowhunter on the left, and cripples a Wraithship on the right.

Next turn, my Eldar sweep around behind the Tyranids, and concentrate all fire on the Scylla Hiveships, killing one of them and slightly damaging another. My bombers make their attack runs but only kill a drone. I use no special orders this turn, to increase the chances of the Tyranids failing their command tests.

Tyranid turn, and they fail almost all of their command checks and so are unable to turn and fire quickly enough to catch the eldar. They remain stuck in a big clump with the vital Hive Ships exposed  and separated from the rest of the fleet out on the left. Jesse concedes,  as next turn my entire fleet will be moving and firing unimpeded at these two remaining Hive Ships - the loss of which will leave the rest of the Tyranids milling around in confusion. Quick game! No doubt Jesse will have some new tricks (and bigger hive ships) for next time though...


  1. Much love to the Tyranids! I hope you guys like the BFG:R Tyranid rules. I find them to be delightful and full of fun options. How did you kit out the Scylla hives? Man, at least one Charybdis with the Alpha Node for leadership 9 would have helped a lot it seems. Generally, I take 2 Charybdis with at least one Alpha Node in my 1500-2000pt games. I am NOT a fan of instinctive behavior, hehe. Did your kraken have any claws?

    1. Yes great to have the BFGR rules thanks!! Interesting to play such a different fleet, we just need to get more practise with it. If I was to do a Tyranid fleet I would probably use the Sa'Vasku from Ground Zero Games I think.

  2. I love those Kraytonian ships and I think they are pretty good for Craftworld Eldar stand-ins, but something about those cruisers being in so much of an X shape from the side throws me off. Do you think they could be modeled in a way that shrinks the front top "horn" to make the things a little more aerodynamic?

    1. Cheers, I guess you could chop away at that top bit at the front but it would be bit of a challenge to do well. Personally I quite like the weirdness factor and aerodynamics don't bother me given they are spaceships.

  3. Hey,
    nice battle. How did the new Nid rules fare against the more settled MMS rules?

  4. Thanks! Too early to say with the nids I think, they got in a couple of nasty hits but then lost their hive mind ships. Such a different style of fleet it will take sometime to figure them out.